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Post Info TOPIC: Nancy and Dizzy Bear 4-22-2016

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Nancy and Dizzy Bear 4-22-2016

Nancy and Dizzy Bear 4-22-2016


Nancy, Terry and chit chat.


On the US Treasury site, Zim was 1 to 1. Another caller came in explained it was one to one, because they use the US dollar as their currency!


That was at 50 minutes into the first hour.


Terry: Breaking News

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas” ….. playing the song.

(Nancy said she understood what he said, but I don't get it.)


Dizzy talking about the lawsuit against Saudi and Obama doesn't want it. D. was up close and personal about 9/11. He is saying it is going to be a cluster fluff when this goes out. This will be a watershed of those going to prison.


It is going to dismantle the fake intelligence we have had who have not cared about the American people. If you think people are angry now, you should wait.


Koch Brothers, Bushes, Rockefeller are outed, it is going to be nasty.

Mohammad Atta is still alive. He was a million mile first class passenger on American Airlines and he is still alive under another name.


Write your congressmen and proceed against the Saudi's. They have caught themselves in this big ringer of a lie. The American people have to put the pressure on. It will put pressure on the CIA, FBI, NRO and intelligence agencies and people are going to go running and the Snowden's will be coming out of the wood work.


When this thing hits a bunch will go to Mexico. When Mexico backs the peso with silver, all the Mexicans are going to go back to Mexico because there will be prosperity in their own home. They will build a wall to keep us out of Mexico.


Dizzy was looking at charts. 3 major tops on the Dow within 18 months. We have never seen 3 triple tops. “God says, this is the end.” Rock noticed on the the weekly chart that it makes it clear about the tops. Dizzy is saying to look back 5 years in regards to the volume. When you look long term, we are getting lower volume in the build up rather than higher volume. No momentum. The momentum of the market is in one direction and the momentum of the dollar is moving in another. Momentum always wins to volume. We are poised for a major drop. Rock is saying about a 2000 drop. With the currency manipulations that is going on, as this matures, if we have any weakness in the market we could have a 2000 drop, but if we go to 1000 down they put in the stops. The first down leg will be a 1000 and then the shorts will be forced to cover, market will stop and go down another 1000 points. Then start it again and it will go down again. They may stop the market. They may suspend 3 times in one day with 3,000 drop. Then it will suspend the trading. They will have to minimize short positions. The initial hit will be very big and then we will have valuations for the currency to go back to the correct evaluations. It will mute the collapse down to a 50 to 60 percent drop. He is thinking the floor will be around 11,000.


Nancy said a friend went into Abbot Downing and to a Regional Manager and he is still in the dark. D. yes that is possible. In that kind of environment there will be no admitting until it is done.


Professor Florida. 9/11, The police benevolent society and fire will not rest. D. the Islamic people have nothing to do with this. You will be shocked when this comes out.



  2. Talking about the 6 times the value and parity. If it is 1 to 1, if we have 10 million dinar, we get 10 million dinar. This is no longer available because it has been muted between trading classes and currency. Bankers are showing fiat rates.


It will be like Canada and US where it is 1.20 to 1.00. The amount of wealth that can be printed will be based on the amount of assets the country has. The gold will insure the valuation itself and the assets insure how much can be printed. It is a float against the assets. Purchasing power is going to go up like 300 percent.


Mr. Excited. He is the one who has spoken with Abbot Downing. He is 2nd down from the Southeast Manager. Bottom line, he still is not being told about anything. Nothing about Wells being an RV and he handles millions of dollars for trusts and foundations. I should have heard of something as I will be in charge of foundations and handling other peoples moneys.

Terry: Excited S.O.L.

Dizzy: the vast amount of people do not know about this. His sister was in a bank for 33 years and didn't know anything about money. AD still doesn't have the need to know. AB manages assets. They don't need to know until they have the assets.


Motor Cycle Are we still on track for the end of the month? D. Absolutely.

Q. You know what you know, and you know what we know, so you know what we don't know. D. Singing about Christmas. Nancy says go into the bathroom and smile. They are working through the mechanics. Since Monday night it has been going. you just don't realize it.


Caller: Asking about the 500 million dollar note. Nancy saying no zeros and she asked times what. Nancy said what ever the rate is.


Texas Girl: Q. Anything significant happen since last night? Dizzy, yes, there has been a lot of things in Asia, Europe and US. There is currency side, currency manipulation side, Schlumberje oil (sp?) took a big hit. There has been hundreds of things happening since September. I encourage you to look at the news media after six pm on Friday. The really important stories come out after 6 pm. Never talked about on Monday. This is the game. Watch the news after 6 pm on Friday. You will see a lot more news coming out tonight than all week.


Another question. Did Jack Lew make “the” announcement on TV? Dizzy, no he did not make it. He is not going make the announcement. It will be more right in your face when it goes down.


Sunshine. Q. Asking about the hedge funds losing millions of dollars and others going out of business. I remember you talking about all of these things coming out, about unconstitutional laws I was wondering if there was a team called ACLJ that are constitutional lawyers. Dizzy, is familiar with ACLJ and they will get more funding to get through the laws. As well as the ACLU to pull out the inappropriate precedents. But it will take time.


LK: Will the IMF change the rates at the end of the month? D. I don't think there will be many changes between now. He doesn't see that happening. IMF is broke. If they change the rates it will make themselves more broke. IMF is hiding it from the public. They are up against the wall. They are broke. Also, about 9/11. It is her understanding that the USA needed to repay the Chinese and the Bushes decided to do a nuclear demolition and the gold was out of the safe. Was that the gold from fort Knox


Mail in question from East Africa. Mario Draghi making quips about the qualitative easing. Mario is doing a dance. They have severe restraints on the European continent. Focus on Greece. The problem is still there. The IMF is not going to lend Greece money, because they can't pay it back. The Germans won't write down the debt they have. So you have a Mexican standoff and they are not going away. There is crisis coming. Dustsheet bank will be open to their derivatives.


Every month we get the bureau of labor statistics that are always wrong. Liars figure and figures lie.


Pure Pleasure answering Mr. Excited, because they don't have to be trained for high end people. Other wise it would be considered insider trading. Need to study and diversify your money. Going through what it takes to start a business. Dizzy saying that he has these things right.


Iko Asking Dizzy to talk about the rates, saying that “there isn't that much money in the world. Not taking into account if they start mining Zimbabwe and how much will come out of the ground. 20 years down the road the amount of assets they have will be astronomical. Dizzy, there is a little confusion. When we talk about currency which is floats and trades and a subset of money. Money is a standard of exchange. For 5000 years it was always gold. Most empires did gold, silver and copper. Rome going down they started using tin and bronze. They debase their money and they go down. We have money winch is either asset backed by gold or fiat. There is roughly 72 to 74 trillion of currenciesin circulation. What has come off is gold. We perverted our dollar into oil which we didn't control other than forcing OPEC. Very prudent people in China and India bought it up and they saw we violated Bretton Woods. The amount of Gold is astronomical. When we do the first tranche of gold is is worth 400 trillion oz of gold. I know personally of the one in Europe, 2 more in Asia and 11 more. The powers that be, are the ones who are telling you there is a shortage. There has been a misuse of technology and rigging of the market to make it seem that we have shortages to control the sheeple. Our society has been taught that we exist in limited, employment markets etc. You will be shocked when you see where we are in 3 to 5 years.


Red Burl: Didn't hear the answer to his question. Walked to a cemetery for a person who perished in 9/11. In talking to the general, this couldn't have happened because it was in the Bush's administration.


Red: Q. Concerning the timing of the gold backing of the US dollar. Aren't they allowed to mark it up by 10. Dizzy. Bloomberg just came out with an article saying we will go full Basel III in a few days. Reserve fractional backing doesn't work. They can leverage.


What the banks did they took bonds or foreclosed property and they hold the mortgage at the full value. But, if you try to sell it, you would get 300 instead of 500,000. If you have a ratio of 9 to 1 it only works if the asset is at the right value rather than the inflated value. What they did was over extended their credit lines by 300 to 400 percent. You saw that with the banks in 2008 and you will see it again because they didn't fix the problem. The banks are going to be forced to mark down their assets.


The dinar has been said they will have the be rich. We will not get the 4.00, we will get parity. Whatever that is.


Danny Girl: Question. Over the years talk about Bit Coin. Dizzy is saying that it is a good concept under the fiat system. It was a threat under the fiat system. The interesting thing about it as a long term investment, At first it was a safety net against the us dollar. Bit coin will find itself obsolete unless it can be valued to goal. He does not think it will go to a cashless system. It will still need to be a Money system with gold back. Moving into a world with money having intrinsic value tied to something with gold.


Big D. 1. stock market, currency and gold being manipulated. What is going to keep it honest. 2. Whole lot of information about good guys going after the bad guys, Reid and Clinton. 3rd when it comes to bit coin there are other crypto currencies that are gold back. 4th. People need to realize that we are going from living from pay check to pay check to abundance over night. Put together a team of decision makers but go to the community for what is needed.

Dizzy what do you think about this.

1 Honest platform. If you read the Basel III compliance and the upcoming IV, it will be impossible to hide transactions and bonds. The reason you have a gold platform in Shanghai is to counter the gold price in London ad that now will be valued against Shanghai. It will devalue the money, not the gold itself. They will never be able to do what they have done since 1913. They will insure that real value will be there. You will not see a forex like you see now. There will not be any forex or hedge funds. In Bloomberg there was a massive dumping of dollars to survive, but they won't survive.


2. Politicians. This is the most perverted time. Wait and see what will happen at the convention. Will be a lot of surprises. The leaders may not be the leaders after the convention.


  2. 3. crypto currencies may be the action of how things are transacted and as long as they are backed by gold and fee free. Lots of new things coming on the horizon. Bitcoin was a fad .

Eye Rose: On Bloomberg around 7 pm a flash of one of the heads of Duetsche bank resigned. It never came back on again. Confirmed what Dizzy said. Question, the song It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, what prompted that song. Dizzy, tonight there are activities that have to be rectified before the end of the month. These activities are required for us to have an RV. Please write a book.


Lexi55 Speaking about the housing market. Living in the over 55 market. We have a terrible market, in an over 55 the people die, the children inherit and then many die and walk away. They have 4 apartments that can't sell, the banks own, but the associations has to pay for the maintenance to keep them up. Can you speak on it. Dizzy, is very familiar and it is a common problem. The older generation is dying off and there is no demand for another 15 years out. Some states allow them to raffle of some of these homes. May have to have a state legislature. Take a non profit of some sort like the vets, you establish a raffle system and it is owed so much and give the proceeds to a non profit. Take it off the market, take it out of the banks and give it to the person for 10.00 free and clear. So it is a win, win.


Spotimus, Question about world and religious leader. The Pope meeting with all these people vs Pat Robertson meeting with the world leaders? Why does the Pope have so much influence. His big card is what you don't know. It is all about money. The RCC is the most rich and powerful organization. During the pilfering of Eastern Europe about 60 percent ended up in the Vatican. They had a train that was taking the plunder to Italy. The gold was going to the Vatican. People said that the train was dumped into the lake Como. Dizzy went there personally and he said there was no way that the gold could have been dumped into the Lake. And, he talked to people in German and Swiss people. He ran into the old houses and castles built by the Nazi's. But, he did notice they went south into Rome. Ratzinger was a Hitler Youth movement. With his background and when he was doing stuff and it started adding up. They didn't dump the gold into the lake but into the catacombs that lace the Vatican. The unspoken word is that the Vatican Bank was laundering money for decades. Dizzy is waiting to see with great hope to see if Pope Francis uses the money to help the poor of the world. It is all coordinated for next week for everything to come down. People have seen the trains when it happened. It will come out to the public in the next few year.


Prof. Florida. There is a major issue in Florida where we have older 20 and 30 floor condos and they have to be brought up to code Dropped out and I don't know what they said.


Made to order. Question, If we go to a redemption center and we don't have an account at a bank, may be a difference in the rates. They will give preferential rates to their existing customers. Do you know why Prince died? Dizzy was surprised he was 5'2' but didn't have an opinion.


Travel Diva: Chemtrails. Dizzy has heard about them. People who swear by them. The pictures of the planes were planes that Dizzy was actually on and those were used for scientific information. Dizzy doubts that the chemtrails are true. The idea of a chem trial is obtuse. You don't have control of the wind at the upper atmosphere. Think it is paranoia gone wild.


Doreya: Regarding Real Estate and HOA's. It's a bag of worms.


Shugy: On the historical bond, are all of the Zim on that kind of the paper. All the 2009 double AA's are all the same paper. When all of this happens there will be a lot of confusion. What is going to happen to urban blight areas. The last 80 years we have had a blight on the families. In the 50's the dad worked, the moms had a neighborhood bond. When you strip that out of a family where you have to have a 2 income family, the children will gravitate to an area where they will feel like they belong. It is economic. The problem children have always had a problem at home. We deny that beaus we don't want to see what is going on. When we have the problem with the 2 income family we pretend there is no problem. Then we put the blow back on the school system which was never denied. This was all part of the social engineering that the Rothschild s and Rockefeller have been doing for the last 250 years. It is the natural outgrowth of not feeling like you belong to any thing. When you strip away the economic part end up with urban blight. Once the kids have opportunity, Marcus Aurilias said this, the “mother of crime is poverty.” If we solve this, then we will solve a lot of crime. It will take time, but it all starts with the economics


Here is a site that has come up since the 11th. It is you tube.

The new US republic via a global currency reset. 28 min you tube.


Steve: When the currency is going to be parity to a gold backed currency. Parity to the value of gold. There will be no pegging to currencies any more. Silver, being at 17. The historical ratio of silver was 16.1 oz of silver to gold. Silver should be around 28.00 to $458.00 of gold.


The Mexicans are talking about backing with silver and be able to do more float with the peso's. Dizzy thinks that the speculation of moving silver to new highs, that the price of silver will be forced up to the price of 28.00


Talk about the new energy with nano coating and using Keshe type ideas. The industrial use of silver will be less and go back into the physical coins.

Looking at a peso as a holding, would that be good to hold. Get what you can of it especially if you are going silver backed.


Keep Moving Forward !!!

With love and light so be it !!!

Have a very Wonderfully Blessed Day !!!

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Turbo - thanks for bringing it to us once again!


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Turbo...thank you so much dear!!!   this is a good read....hmmm if only I had some popcorn (extra butter please)  

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