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DizzyBear/Nancy OM Notes from 4/23/16

DB: My projections are based on what we can do.  Based on what has happened earlier this week.  Based on the bonds.  I can’t see it going past 5/3, 5/4.  I think, as far as probabilities, it will be over by 5/1…10% chance till 5/10…based on what I have in front of me.


Caller: We have the understand WF will be investing the money.  IYO, what would we look for, to say we are on the doorstep?  What would be the next thing to know they are going to release it?

DB: They are doing that right now.  If we look at the dynamics, the lack of liquidity, we are not even looking at derivatives.  I am talking at 5-10 days.  Setting the tempo.  Bc we are going to gold-backed currency.  Looking at Cottrell to do that…24-48 hours to be in the bank.

Caller: Is there something specific he is waiting for?

DB: There is a safety condition they are waiting for…a coordination thing they are waiting for…probably 48-72 hours.


Caller: I have heard, only today, 15 different people vying for control for the situation to set this in motion…

DB: What are they trying to do?

Caller: To put this in motion a different way

DB: No, this set in motion in 1 way. 

Caller: And that Reno is not valid

DB: I am aware of that and I am not at liberty to discuss…


Caller: I really appreciate what you are doing and watching the whole SA situation going…I got into this about 5 years ago trying to help others thru Proponix and someone handing me some currency and help others.  I appreciate you because you are a clear voice.  I really appreciate it.

DB: You are welcome.  Thank you.


Caller: I want to help educate people long-term.  Start that over a year…or 2 years?

DB: Probably, get other people like-minded and weigh out your plans first; however, bring together other like-minded people, bring about a good education system.  We used to have a better education system…that when we got out of high school, you had some skills…we don’t do that any more.  We need to have a better-rounded education system.  Get some like-minded educators.  Get a battle plan and move on. 

Caller: My grandfather had a 5th grade education and was in an apprentice program and I want to work with than.  I want to house them…people live in their cars and put them through school.  When is a good time to start?

DB: Figure about 1 year after this happens…make some adjustments…look at other programs that may pop up.


Caller: I hear the banks are only going to take the 100T zim?  True?

DB: No, I don’t think so

Caller: What is going on with SA?

DB: It is comical…get your popcorn and beer and watch


Caller: For years, people have been thinking things simple, if you have a million $3.71, they would have 3.71 million…would go up 300%. 

DB: 1.2 dollars dinar because they have so much gold…should be close to parity.  You million dollars gold-backed is going to go a long way.  When people say 5, 6, 7 dinar…that is fiat.  Bank screens are showing fiat…the dollar will be gold-backed…all currencies will have to be adjusted…according to parity.  If we adjusted now, we would probably get $5-6/dinar. 

Caller: But we will still be getting bread for $1

DB: No, we will get bread for 30¢

Caller: Employment…if I produce something…some of the property taxes may go down; sales taxes may go up.  Which things may go up…like for vets?

DB: When we have parity with everything, all our manufacturing has moved offshore.  A lot will be cottage industries because of 3-D printing…centering, extrusion (ceramics and plastics), and ________

Remember when Mailboxes came out?  I see a similar concept of 3-D printing offices that will available.

Caller: Is that a case where organic printing will be available.

DB: Yes.


Caller: What was mentioned before I came in that mentioned 7 days?

DB: What about actions?  I expect, business days, 7 days to complete.

Caller: Us?  Going in in 7 days?

DB: Yes.  Other events, that I cannot mention, parallel with this. 


Caller: Last night, you were talking about don’t buy a house or a car…

DB: When we go into asset-backed, individuals selling houses and cars, it will take a while to acquiesce into gold standard and have mortgages written down, etc. 

Caller: So, when we start to build a home and have a contract,

DB: Contract with bank or builder…depends on scruples of builder…


Caller: Have you heard about the shelf trust that the banks are supposed to have?

DB: Do your own diligence and get your own…don’t get what the bank is doing?

Caller: Why?

DB: You just exchanged money…

N: Taxes are higher if exchanged into a trust than if you use your own name

Caller: What best advice to you have for us?

DB: Be calm…easy peasy…it’s going to be fine


Caller: I dinar, 25K I still have fiat debt?

DB: No.  Your debt will be written down to be parity with asset-backed.

Caller: That will take a period of time. 

DB: Debt owed to a bank? 

Caller: Private company

DB: Not that I know of

Caller: For services, prior, now come due…still owe that $100K

DB: On this debt…is it contract…any kind of security…mortgage…

Caller: Not mortgage, private, promissory note, owed to individual.  Receive 25K gold-backed $

DB: Is the debt secured by anything?  I need you to be realistic

Caller: It is unsecured promissory note

DB: You have a problem

Caller: If we exchanged in fiat, I would have enough

DB: There will be mechanisms in Court to write this down.



Parity - Every country gets to declare what assets they have in their country…that will determine the level of what they can print and what their currency will be worth per an ounce of gold.  


Keep Moving Forward !!!

With love and light so be it !!!

Have a very Wonderfully Blessed Day !!!

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