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  • Military air support, special forces in plain clothes and local law enforcement were all placed on duty by noon Tuesday.


  • US T4 redemptions have begun and security had to be ready before noon.
  • Existing bank clients have been scheduled and called into their respective banks to begin their currency exchange, in order to both thin the redeeming herd and keep existing clients with old money away from the newly wealthy
  • The banks were given a slight head start to process existing clientele for safety and basic courtesy reasons.


  • It's possible that the decommissioning of the Trump Administration and the transition to the Ryan Administration began on Monday with the introduction of Ryan's repeal and replacement bill for Obamacare, 
  • In addition, over the weekend  President Trump accused Former President Barrack Obama of wire tapping the Trump Towers, which in December was reported by the BBC that a FISA Warrant was granted to conduct such wire taps back in October. 
  •  It was reported last week that Former President Obama made sure to launch an independent investigation of the alleged Russian Hack of the 2016 US election in an effort to ensure that evidence was not buried under the new administration and to disaffiliate himself with any evidence found.  
  • That being said, to get a FISA Warrant some evidence of wrong doing had to found by someone either working at or residing in Trump Tower.  
  • If that is in fact the case, then President Trump created a unique situation by sharing confidential information in an ongoing investigation by tweeting out his accusations about former president Obama. 
  • That said, such a tweet and accusation would certainly be a tactical and deliberate move made by President Trump, knowing that such a reveal could certainly open up the door for impeachment proceedings.   


  • We're being told both President Trump and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan are well aware of exactly what is happening as well as the timeline for the RV.


  • President Trump continues sending out tweets that appear overtly reckless attacking other political leaders and slamming American businesses in order to play his part in achieving the greater goal.   


  • Trump has done exactly what was necessary to provide the appropriate cover to implement GESARA.  He's playing an essential part of the peaceful transition of power and absorbing a bulk of the negative publicity.
  • Establishing immigration protocols, Obama Care being repealed, and financial changes have long been in motion as anyone can see by reviewing the laws which have been passed by Congress over the past several months.
  • These laws are uniquely designed to simplify legal language, limit the power of major corporations, protect the Native Americans, bring attention and an end to Human trafficking/ pedafile rings, and prevent claw backs by banks.  This is part of GESARA and the restoration of the Republic being a Government "for and by the people".


  • President Trump's actions provided an all consuming temporary distraction to implement several very difficult GESARA compliance changes 

  • We do believe the 120 day GESARA implementation period plus a 3 day RECISION period ends today on March 7, 2017.  The Paris Climate Agreement entered into force on NOVEMBER 4th, 2016, which intimately discusses the redistribution of wealth within the documentation as well as changing the financial climate of the entire world.  Consider this, the CABAL has enslaved mankind by taking our power, by manipulating our perception though mind control, and this was made possible by controlling the money.  The money has been their weapon because it is a symbol they have created to make the world appear to be filled with scarcity, war and fear through the Industrialization and Militarization of world governments.  Your redemption is the beginning of returning the wealth to the people, and reversing the perception of the world through the introduction of abundance, creativity and peace. 

  • There is no NDAs required when taking the screen rate (or smaller).   And there will be no structured payout required if redemptions are taken at the screen rates or below.  This includes the ZIM.

  • ZIM rates will exceeded 2.00 PER ZIM.   That's the screen rate and will require no Humanitarian Project presentation.  That will require no NDA.  That rate might still be a crushing burden if you just don't want to manage it.  There were reports from banks today that were exchanging ZIM 100T notes at $18 million dollars.  It's my understanding that this number is the lowest amount allowed to be offered for a 100T note. 
  • LOP-.00000015=.18 
  • Although securing a structured payout at your initial exchange meeting is recommended, in large part because NO ONE HAS EVER MANAGED THIS MUCH MONEY; it's probably in your best interests to accept help from the professionals who have been trained to do this.  Regardless, there are many on the call who will want that control themselves and it's my understanding that you'll be able to set a second, third or fourth meeting to structure your funds in what ever way you see fit.
  • That being said, you may be innately humanitarian, and never want to think about or consider MAKING money ever again. You may have a humanitarian vision that is global, and necessary and you want to distribute the funds to impact third world countries, run down urban neighborhoods, and create jobs where ever you go.  You might want to change the world and be willing to accept the responsibility to do it.  
  • You probably have no idea what it will take to do that.  How could you?  How could anyone.  What you do know is that you probably have a number in mind that you feel will make you feel confident to pursue those goals.  So consider this approach, have a number in mind and ask for it.  Have a total dollar amount that makes you feel confident you got your money's worth and you can achieve your potential. 

  • This should be the last time you'll ever have to ask anyone for money.  The real question is not will you get treated fairly or if you'll get what you want, but what is it you want to accomplish?  Who do you want to be?  How do you want to live after this is finished.  Will you be hands on creating a new world or would you rather just contribute financially and support existing organizations that are in line with your own values.  There's no wrong answer, but it's essential to answer honestly.

  • Bruce and Yosef are both expecting couriers to deliver the 800#s tonight.

  • Bruce was the consensus choice for US banks, and Yosef the choice of the Elders and Republic.

  • They will each be given ample time to access an appropriate a public platform such as a recorded call, to get the 800 numbers out to the internet public before they are made to exchange (thus silencing them I assume)
  • That's a type of internal Dinarland announcement

  • The broader more public announcement won't come until the vast majority of all in-hand currency redeemers have exchanged. That will require both a public announcement, and a visible rate change on the FOREX which will happen some time early second quarter possibly around April 2nd.

  • Everything release related is right on schedule and pre-planned down to the last second and smallest detail.
  • Folks, you're built for this.  You've endured to the end.  You have every right to be confident, be grateful, and be yourself.  That's enough.  It always has been.
There's a story of a Japanese soldier named Hiroo Onada who was stationed in the Phillipines for 30 years after WWII was over.  He didn't get the memo and he continued to fight. I think a lot of will be like Hiroo.  I think a lot of us will not realize that there's been a change in the order of the world.  I think many of will continue to horde our wealth, and live in fear of being robbed by bankers, politicians, and other nefarious characters.  So establish your security to make yourself feel safe, but don't live in fear.
 I think it's essential that we model the behavior we want to see in the world.  As people are beginning to wake up and realize that we live in a new world they'll be looking to you for answers. And you want to live in a world where Government officials aren't black mailed through the usage of compromising videos, our children are safe from pedafile rings, the media isn't being used as a weapon to control the way we think, a world that you can feel safe in!  If you want that world you have to create it.  Now you might have pent up feelings of bitterness for the way this has gone in your personal life, the loss and sacrifice you've made because you followed this currency investment down the rabbit hole, and discovered secrets worse than any horror movie you ever could have imagined, but now you're going to have to own that.  That's a reality and that is being flushed out, chewed up and destroyed.  So when all the dust settles, and your faced with a battlefield of broken bodies, broken buildings, and broken hearts but you're able to walk on to the field victorious because you survived, you don't get to yell at those that are nursing their wounds that you were right.  You have to demonstrate the kindness, truth, and loving nature that you wished someone would have demonstrated for you during the tragedy of this journey.  You're going to have some post traumatic stress from this event, but remember... you're powerful.  And all of your power is in the consciousness of that power.  Use that power to build the world you want.



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