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Post Info TOPIC: THE GALACTIC ECONOMY Written to and for Kre8change by FXStrategist May 2, 2017


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THE GALACTIC ECONOMY Written to and for Kre8change by FXStrategist May 2, 2017

Written to and for Kre8change
by FXStrategist
May 2, 2017
What if the number that represents your rate of exchange or your total dollar amount is equivalent to the container that will hold your post-exchange consciousness? Think about it. On this side of the redemption fence, what we have is a socio-capitalistic economy characterized by lack, competition, financial strangulation, time suffocation, jealousy, want, and need ensured by a cap on the amount of money in circulation relative to the number of humans multiplied by their costs of living. Forget about thriving. That’s for a “chosen few."
On the other side, the money becomes meaningless. There is an economy of contribution and fulfillment and helpfulness and love. Fantastic as it may sound, the only thing we will (eventually) be competing for is how much love we can give with how huge a heart. When everyone has plenty, there is no need for competition or crime or drug use. Jealousy will dissolve as people have exactly what they desire way beyond need. There is no cap on money or food or housing or possessions or friends or energy or love.
How we get from here to there is to flood the world with money, the lack of which is what keeps the damper on financial security and the fire on mental-emotional imbalances. 
The only thing that can allow money to go away is too much money.
That’s what we’re about to receive. Even at $.03 and a modest Zim holding, you will have too much money for yourself and all your projects times 100. (I’ve calculated it.) 
So why ask for more?
Where we are is money-based and it’s scarce; where we’re headed is heart-based and it’s limitless. On this side, the antidote to not enough money is more than enough money. But how would there ever be more than enough love?
There is another component in this transition and that is consciousness. We’ve heard the Galactics are more advanced than we are by a thousand years or multiples thereof. Let’s say that where we’re also headed, with galactic disclosure, is galactic citizenship instead of earth citizenship. 
What does that mean? Well, we’re kind of babies in the civilization of the Cosmos. We need to grow up (expand) fast. Our lack has drained our energy and held up back, along with mind control, sickness, and deficits of time and energy.
How does money, the “root of all evil,” translate to becoming more advanced? Easy. Once your needs and wants and desires are met, once your perception relaxes and expands to complete and instantaneous manifestation, once your body in time and space is transportable in an instant, and once your thoughts are all you need to communicate, what do you need to buy exactly?
Here’s a theory: the size of your exchange is equal to the vessel or container of the growth and expansion of your consciousness. In the Galactic economy, money transmutes and becomes pure energy. Then comes the evaporation of the need to “work” or engage in any activity that isn’t for the combined pleasure and benefit of yourself or your fellow human and the planet. It is all given for and from love, from a sovereign being to a community united in oneness.

Above $0.03, $1, $4, $10, $10,000 or $125,000 is unspendable, theoretical cash. So why make it the biggest possible? Because it says everything about how YUGE you want to be as a galactic citizen. It’s both symbolic and energetic. But it also practical.
Some of us were joking the other day about asking the bank what their “cut” of the transaction would be when they sell our Zim up the line. Let’s say they’re collecting $200,000 per Zim. What if you were to say to the bank, hey, what will be given by [the bank above you] for my Zim? Well, I’m willing to give you $3.79 unless you let me see your projects and how many jobs you plan to create. Ha ha. 
We’d never really do that. But think about it. What will “a bank” be on the other side? And what will they be doing with their money? They’ll be a vault for our digital money and provide human services for disbursing and accounting for it. They are also presumably under the umbrella of Chinese ownership  back by all the gold. How much money will they need for that? And what, in the end, will the difference be, if any, between banks?
On this side, the bank’s business has been to make money for its shareholders (the Cabal) by fabricating fiat dollars off your deposits and loans thereby enriching the power-holders in the world. But let’s also consider them as lenders to individuals and businesses for capital needs. 
On the other side, individuals and soon businesses will have no need for usurious, costly, and restrictive bank loans. And the banks will have a ton of money from our exchanges that will cover any business overhead generously even from one depositor who generously awarded them that spread (even between the “maximum” $125,000 sovereign rate they give that depositor and the theoretical $200,000 they collect from, say, The Bank of China).

Maybe they’ll also be the “private” in the public-private partnerships with the government for planetary cleanup and infrastructure building and repair. But there will no longer be financial products, loans, interest, earnings, or competition. We have the delusion of that continuing this because it’s all we know.
So, if you take, say, $10 for your exchange, make sure you're OK with the bank getting $190? But why not reverse?  The bank gets the $10 (from you, and much more from many others) and you take the $190.
Here’s a reason why you wouldn’t do that: you’re “satisfied" with $10. You’ll have trillions or quadrillions instead of quintillions, which you think you’ll be able to more easily spend and better manage. What’s wrong with that picture? You’ve never even managed millions let alone billions. The “problem” is the same no matter the amount beyond a certain level. It’s all more than you need, more than you can spend in the socio-capitalistic, cabal-run, limited economy. Who knows about the new Galactic economy, though?
We can’t get “there” without going through “here.” The exchange, the spending, and, ultimately, personal/spiritual expansion require no leaping for humankind — but maybe we’ll go really fast through a wormhole (which is what the quadrillions represent). We need this money now for one thing and one thing only: to transition to a time in the near future where we will not need any money at all.
It’s not just theoretical money. It’s energy. And energy catapults you into the leadership position of embodiment in action. That’s the reason behind our “philanthropy” which really equals our participation. We’re neither ready nor fit to save the world. Such hubris! But we must apply ourselves toward that goal and beyond: nothing short of total sovereignty and oneness. 
If that’s who you are, or who you see yourself becoming, or who you would like to see yourself being, don’t give your exchange away to the bank. Most will. Will you?
~ FXStrategist

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