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 Bank-a supply of something held in reserve


It seems ironic that we are going to place our money in a trust to be held by a banking system that we don’t trust.  And in this moment we are holding the reserve currency of the bank that rejuvenates the world. That essentially makes us a type of bank ourselves.   We’ve all learned something about banking while on this journey and perhaps that was training so we knew how a bank should conduct itself during the exchange.  During our appointment we may want to negotiate terms with that in mind.  Here’s a scenario acted out by Tank and the Bank to see how things could be different than what we may have previously thought.


TANK: The assets I’m holding have a value of $125,000 per Zimbabwe Dollar.  I’m willing to negotiate terms so that you receive a portion of this money as a commission for conducting the transaction.  Being that I am the holder of the assets and thus the one responsible to ensure that these funds are put to use appropriately, there will be a small screening process before we get started.


BANK SAYS: “No worries Mr. Tank”, (WHILE THINKING: now that you have so much money I will finally acknowledge that you are valuable as a person based solely on how much I will benefit from you.)  Proceed with your questions.


 TANK: Obviously this is too much money for any one person or even an organization to manage by them selves or use for them selves.  I’m certain you are aware that the bank requires that a majority of the money from the exchange goes towards efforts that help restore humanity.   Do you have your humanitarian projects ready to present so that I can evaluate your readiness, skill, and creativity to manage the highest rates available?


BANKER: The bank will seek out worth-while projects that we will fund as needed and requested by various humanitarian groups.  Once we receive your money we will put it to good use.


TANK: If I understand you correctly, you’re telling me that you don’t have any plans to actually help humanity until you receive my assets at which time you will wait for people to come to you to ask for money or wait until there is a “need” for such assistance.  Is that correct?


BANKER: Exactly


TANK: So Mr. Bank, I’m curious if you consider the people in Yuganda who are starving to death to the point where they’re practicing cannibalism a need worthy of your investment?  


BANK: Certainly, canibilism is definitely unnecessary.  If an organization applies for assistance we’d be glad to support that cause.


TANK: Unfortunately they don’t have access to your bank to apply for such services, and generally people who are hungry enough to eat their neighbors aren’t that effective at filling out paper work to apply for help that will be provided some day by your bank.


BANK: Based on our policies we couldn’t go into that area unless we have a branch in that location.   


TANK: Well thank you for answering my questions it’s greatly appreciated.  Fortunately, I don’t have such limitations on my own policies.  I do have humanitarian plans, projects and interests.  I’ll gladly build a branch in Yuganda that doesn’t require people to wait for support.  I have a whole team of people willing to seek out and find ways we can put this money to use help humanity.  


BANK: OH, but Mr. Tank, you can’t possibly manage all of this money yourself.  You’ll need professionals who have experience to ensure you receive a proper return on your investment.  We have people who are knowledgeable in fine metals, stocks, bonds, trading and almost anything you can think of.  Plus by leaving your money invested here you’ll have the opportunity to benefit from our various services such as the family office, concierge treatment, travel arrangements and almost anything you can think of.


TANK: That’s an interesting point. How do you measure the return on an investment in peoples lives?


BANK: Well I meant financial returns, we have experts in that.


TANK: Do you have any investors who could take a 100 dollars and turn it not 100 trillion dollars?


BANK: OH my goodness, that would be impossible! 


TANK: I have over 100 people who have done just in mY organization alone, so I suppose I will stick with their investment skills.  In addition, they also understand that the return on our investment cannot be measured in dollars and cents.  Our investments are measured on the impact we have towards achieving the mission we have set out to accomplish.


BANK: But practically speaking we provide traditional, old school tried and true methods of banking.


TANK: Are you referring to the tried and true  Banking methods that have hoarded money for the Cabal while starving and enslaving mankind?    


BANK: (awkwardly reaching for a brochure with one hand while describing their concierge services as he he dials his manager with the other) I'm not sure about that, but our services are top notch.


TANK: I’ll check but I’m pretty sure that with an unlimited supply of money I’ll create a team of my own that tends to my luxury services that most likely exceed anything you can offer me.  Do you have Galactics on staff who have experience managing quintillions of dollars?


BANK: GALACTICS?  I’m not sure what you mean.


TANK: That’s okay, you’ve answered my question.  


BANK: Well no one has experience investing this kind of wealth because it’s never existed before.  


TANK: Good point.  No one has experience investing this kind of wealth and there isn’t a market in THIS WORLD that could handle these kinds of investments.  I thought you said you had experts, I must have misheard you. Being that you don’t know what the word Galactic even is then I’m assuming you also don’t have an expert on staff for Galactic Economics?


BANK: Are you serious?

TANK: Yes, Yes I’m serious.


BANK: No Mr. Tank, we don’t have an expert in "Galactic Economics", nor am I aware that such a thing is even real.


TANK: Mr. Bank, are you saying that a galaxy filled with incalculable possibilities, a God with infinite power, and beings with unlimited potential and imagination are incapable of doing business together because YOU aren’t aware of their existence?  


BANK: Well no, I suppose anything IS possible, it just sounds like a fairy tale.


TANK:  Fairy's don't actually have tails and they help maintain the ecosystem of the world.


BANK: No I meant like a fictional story, it just doesn't seem real.  I mean honestly, Galactics and Fairy's?  That's crazy!


TANK: You mean crazy like the idea of you conducting a currency exchange for several times the amount of wealth that has ever existed in the world with a nobody white guy from small town USA who preaches like a black guy at a gospel revival, has a team of Hawaiian psychics who regularly give him insight on life, and a business partner who regularly consults a Council of Galactic Ascended Masters to ensure he's making the right decisions in life?  


BANK: EXACTLY!  NO! Wait, I meant, not you, just um I need a manager, I'll find one who knows what I should do here..  

TANK: Oh Great, that'd be perfect, "One who knows" has excellent insight.


BANK: NO, I meant a manager who knows 


TANK:  Mr. Bank, I think you need professional help, you seem very unstable.  But that's okay, I've made my decision. 


BANK: But I haven’t even told you the rates yet.  


TANK: As I said, I know the value of the assets I’m holding, and there’s no need for YOU to tell ME the rates because you clearly you don’t know ****.  Excuse me, didn't mean to swear.    


BANK: No problem sir, lets get this moving, what is the rate you feel comfortable with?


TANK:  I’ll take $124, 999.84 per ZIMBABWE Dollar.  You will receive 16 cents per note. I will hold 80% of that money that you can have access to when you have a Humanitarian project you’d like to fund.  We’ll issue you back the money as needed.  The other 20% will be liquid for the BANK to use as you see fit. 


BANK: I’m sorry Mr. Tank, that’s not how it works.  


TANK: That IS in fact how it works.  I have an asset.  It holds a value.  If you would like my business then you’ll use it according to the terms that I have laid out.  I’m afraid you’re just not ready to handle this kind of money and you didn’t even come prepared with humanitarian projects let alone a greater vision to break down real issues between the human race and Galactics.  In your world this whole process is all about you and that’s just the kind of mentality that placed the world in such need in the first place.  


BANK: But who will manage your money?


TANK: Well unlike you,  I do have an expert in Galactic Economics on my staff, who understands that the money we’re holding, is energy.   We’ve been holding that vibration as the energetic bank of the new world to restore the Earth.  So the only ones who have experience managing this kind of money are those involved in this exchange process because they are educated in the reality that they are willing to create.  To you that reality is unrealistic.  And to me your ignorance is offensive.  My organization is made up of visionary leaders who are limited by nothing, and we need the tools to ensure they are able to pursue that charge with reckless abandon.  


BANK: We really would like you to do business with us here.  Is there anything of value we can offer you?


TANK: Yes. You can exchange my currency and act as a vault so that I can use the money to go save the world.  




These events did not actually happen.  Do not be afraid.  You are the boss. You hold the cards.  You have no idea what funds will be needed in the future.  You are limited only by your imagination and willingness to bring it to life.  



Let's Kre8change




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