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STAND UP, by Tank

I was in another chat room filled with some of the legends of Dinarland and someone asked the question, "What is everyone going to invest in?"   Everyone had put a lot of thought into it and I realized that after all this time of calls, chat rooms, PSYOPS, pump fakes, expectations, disappointments, mockery, political break throughs, education, miseducation, Galactics, vibrational frequencies, personal losses, professional losses, mind losses, depression, and Guru break downs that many of us will really struggle believing this new world is really safe.  Everyone discussed Silver, and precious metals, bitcoin, and   the next basket of currencies.  They were all ways to make more money. I thought about it too and couldn't think of any reason I'd ever need to make an investment solely for profit.  I was really disappointed in their responses and thought for a moment that with all I of their experience that maybe they know something I don't.  Maybe, nothing's changed and we still are being controlled by them Cabal, or maybe this is how people find out they're in the Cabal!  It's a room filled with legends.  So I thought maybe I don't belong here, maybe this whole thing is a scam and these folks are just the intelligent few who aren't caught up in the hype.  Maybe they know it's gonna be the exact same thing on the other side, but while I blow through my money they'll remain wealthy because they were smart with their investments and my ideas were childish and too ideological.  For a moment I thought, maybe I shouldn't speak up here, you know how the saying goe, " Better to be quiet and thought a fool, than open your mouth and remove all doubt."

But then, I thought, I didn't come all this way to try and fit in with ideas I don't agree with, and i don't believe are in line with a higher purpose.  At least not my higher purpose.  So at the risk of offending all of them I decided it would be better to get through to one person than have all of these people think I don't have any ideas or plans  And even if that one person was only me, Im willing to stand alone to make them happen.   Because I'd rather take a stand than take a dive just to avoid criticism and conflict.  This was part of what I said:

"I will be investing in people. I will measure my success based on the impact they have on their mission.  I will invest in ideas that inspire me and Products that can change the world. I will invest in communities in need and new technologies that have been suppressed that enable people to live freely. I will invest in research to uncover the truth and build schools that are designed to build leaders rather than factory workers."

Im pretty sure there was more but these words must have been the most impactful because today in that same group they were having another similar conversation. In the midst of the discussion someone said, "Well a great man once said..." and they posted the quote above. Then I started to see it popping up in other chats as well. And i thought, that's not even intel why is that suddenly coming up now?  Then it hit me, we're on the other side. It's already done and people are being released from their fears of bondage, death, and the boogyman.  Today they did what they said hey' do. Today they stood up and got it done. 

And in this moment, you might not have your appointment.  But the reality is, you made it.   Stand up.

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