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I humbly want to share this vision and idea of a new life and new way to live in our future. I invite you to join me on this journey ahead so that we can change this world together.


I am sure that all in this process has some or other project in mind that lies really close to your heart as we have different life paths and experiences. This GCR blessing is something that will ultimately not just change us but the world around us whether it is a goal or not.

I personally have been on this journey for more than 16 years now and originally started with project proposals and only in 2010 got involved with the currency side of things.

As an artists, designer, inventor and product developer I worked on my large and small projects from well known hotels and casino’s to your small and very exclusive lodges.

This experience has not only taught me a lot about the business and building contracting world but also a lot about people and how money and success can change them instantly.

Soon I came to the realization that money and a socially measured success come at n hefty price like a dark disease in the bloodstream growing ever stronger the more there is. Unfortunately it also becomes like a drug – if you once had it and loose it your whole life becomes a struggle to get back to where you were before.

The whole influence of money in our world became sickening to me as I started to see it as the pure enslavement tool it is.

Today I would like to share to you my vision for a future life that I would like to be a part in building. I want to encourage you all to shift your mind towards this goal so that we can work, as “The Chosen ones” as Yosef so aptly said, to change to future life on earth for all people and nations and our precious Gaia.

We were created originally as sovereign beings here to rule over the earth and all on it except other people. We were never created to rule over others nor were we created to be ruled by others. We received the divine commission from God to control this earth and to make it prosper. In no way we are fulfilling that purpose, instead we are hiding in boxes made from the minerals and precious resources of the earth and she pays the price. Through millennia of abuse Gaia is now seriously ill like us “What is below so it is above” We are sick and so are all the religious, social, political and monetary systems we created or let other intruders use to control and enslave us with.

Here we are now on the cusp of this new beginning to receive our freedom. Do we really understand the true meaning of that? If you say yes to this question you need to do some serious research and thinking. We have no idea what the meaning of true freedom is. We don’t even understand what we as sovereign beings are fully capable of naturally and let’s not even start with the technologies that was hidden from us for 13 millennia!

Personal history

On a personal side I would like to share an experience that happened when I was only 4 years old. I was born with an amazing ability to SEE. Yes I could see everything. What do you mean you might ask?  Well I could see every demon in people (they knew I could see them), I could see the celestial beings, angels and spirits of dead people. I could also see the light beings in the night sky. There were so many different ones and their beauty and enormous size is beyond most peoples comprehension. I could see when someone is sick, when they will die and whether they were sad, happy or just have an evil or good heart. This gift might sound to you all like a great blessing but believe me it was far too much for a 4 year old girl to handle as the evils on this earth is much worse than anyone would anticipate. I became emotionally distraught as I started to understand and could not bear to be alive amongst this evil. I screamed for mercy many nights and needles to say my parents did not understand these things and thought that I am mentally ill.

Then one beautiful afternoon as I was lying on my bed crying the most beautiful light spirit came to me and stretched out his hand and took my small hands in his and then I saw the marks “Jesus!” I cried as I thought he came to take me with him and I remember jumping up into his arms. He then very gently put me down and asked if he could show me something. He took me to a place and I thought that it must be heaven but he told me "no it is not, this is what earth was meant to be like" I spent what felt like many hours with him in the most beautiful place I ever saw with bubble like glass dome homes floating above the ground. There were no cars or vehicles, phones or heavy equipment. The people were floating just above the ground on their own or on what looked like little round silver slabs and they ate directly from the trees, fruits and berries laughing, happy and healthy.

He then turned to me and asked “before we go back –what do you want?” My answer was “I don’t want to see these ghosts and evil spirits anymore and I want them to stop torturing my spirit at night”

He then in a gentle voice after a brief silence said” Our father gave you this gift to see, I may not take that away as it was his decision to give it to you but I can change it. So be it.

Just remember that you received this gift as your mission is to help heal the world and to show them this place as this is Gods plan for all his children. This is the way they should live. He will provide you with knowledge and means to do that but be warned that you will be held accountable for your journey ahead as it is a great responsibility.

Today almost 44 years later I now realize that this is the plan He was talking about. I have come to realize that my gift to see never disappeared but turned into my gift of art and vision for what needs to be done to change people’s hearts and minds for a better future.

A Vision towards change

Now I am sure you would like to know what this vision is and my thought is this. It is really a huge shift for all even those in tune with the energies and 5th dimentional things happening in these last months. This change is so big that when we are done with the change the world will be completely different.

First I will share points on what needs to be abolished and then what needs to be created or changed in our minds, hearts and lives.

Please keep in mind that some of these things may seem strange but try to keep an open mind to the concept

What needs to be abolished?

1. False belief / religious systems

2. Political systems that is simply not working

3. Monetary systems that is causing enslavement

4. Sick social structures where some people seem to be more valuable than others

5. Sick healthcare systems that is doing everything but healing the sick, that includes Pharmaceutical companies

6. Mind imprisoning school systems that oppresses and destroys the free minds of our children

7. Wars created for the financial and empowerment games of the elite

8. Hunger and just and overall lack of life resources

What we need to create

1. A life of Love and harmony with each other and Gaia - not peace (Peace is the lack of war , we deserve more than that) A life where we live in service of each other with no financial gain in mind

2. Abundance in healthy natural food resources (Sorry for the beef lovers but the future diet will be fully Vegan) Ultimately we will live from the gardens around us and feast from the energy of the sun and earth each day and our need to eat will be purely for the pleasure – then the fruits will be more satisfying than any cooked meal you have ever enjoyed.

3. Education of our children of the true meaning and wisdom of life from the elders and the elders in spirit. (We will need help from our galactic brothers and sisters in this regard)

4. A world free from political ruling as we will fully function as smaller communities.

5. A world free from the financial monetary system ( Research Michael Tellingher’s Ubuntu movement regarding Contributionism)

6. Healing light chambers to heal injured or sick and aging.

7. Housing that suits our new life, bodies and minds that does not make a footprint on this earth. ( Research the Venus Project)

8. Transport will transition through technologies that will be available to us soon and ultimately become irrelevant as we will learn again our ability to teleport anywhere in the universe. (Research The Keshe foundation)

Your thoughts

This is just my thoughts, dreams and visions and I understand that this transition will take time but we have to start to envision this now. This is the way where we will co create the new world. We dream, we envision and ultimately create that new reality.

I beg you all to join me in this vision and to share your ideas with us all as none of us can do or change the world alone.  Together we can start by applying this new vision in everything we do.

Do not build on the old ways or try to rebuild the old systems. Try to envision a new path or way with every project you tackle and move away from the old way of doing things as soon and as far as possible.

Don’t build low cost housing for all; build a new dwelling with new technologies as we will be able to afford it. Change your mindset, learn and then teach the new thinking to all others around you.

I am looking forward to read all your input on this vision.

Much love



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