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Post Info TOPIC: THE MEANING OF MONEY — By FXStrategist of Kre8change — May 31, 2017


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THE MEANING OF MONEY — By FXStrategist of Kre8change — May 31, 2017

By FXStrategist of Kre8change
May 31, 2017
The screen rate for Zim is said to be near or slightly higher than CNY (~$7). The top negotiated rate for the Zim is said to be $125,000. They are both sovereign and only offered in private redemption appointments at military (or similarly secured) locations and will be conducted by HSBC. 
You do not have to have an HSBC “branch” near you. HSBC is *operating* the redemptions in non-branch, military locations to begin with. Post-RV it won’t matter. HSBC will pop up everywhere via acquisition (with their storefront or through another bank they own), and you will probably never physically have to go into a bank branch ever again anyway. No wealthy people ever do. You’re wealthy now.
They will not assess your presentations and projects at the appointment. They don’t have time and, trust me, they don’t have the training — nor the objective. They just want to see if you’re a person who is fully stepping up and will equip themselves with the means to achieve their goals. Ask and you shall receive.
Do not let fear of an NDA alter your perceptions about what rate is right for you. NDAs are standard practice in every business. If “avoiding” one is a decision point for a certain rate, recognize and accept that.
There are no wrong decisions and no bad executions at your appointments. We can do everything we have planned at $.03. Can’t we? (Even with a “lop," if that’s what you believe; I do not believe you’ll see a screen rate that low nor that there is a lop.) So the rate you “need” is no higher than that. The rate you desire is similarly not related to having “enough money” to “save the world.”
Below the certain threshold of money, everyone is equally rich individually and equally able to pursue projects and funding without worry of ever running out. In other words, for Zim holders $100 Trillion dollars can do as much as $100 Quintillion dollars. Same with personal wealth.
Non-Zim holders who net less than, say, $50,000,000, could actually run out of money. But you are all part this big, expanded family of people with more than enough. For example, I have already pledged to give carte blanche to a member of a small group I lead to do all the humanitarian works her huge heart can manage. Another iteration of the “Second GCR.”
No one has ever mentioned a mandate to spend it ALL, so take that out of the equation when you are considering your exchange. According to some, 90% of humanitys and the planets needs will be addressed, and quickly, by the Galactics or the governments. Our 10% sovereign participation is critical, though, for our own sakes and for that of the whole. 
That is why you were connected with and recognized not only the investment opportunity of buying and holding currency but rode out this whole journey of transformation into big thinkers with even bigger hearts. We each matter — A LOT.
Think of yourself as the sun. The sun doesn’t decide to shine on flowers and not “weeds” (a flower that grows where you don’t want it). Neither should you. Give with joy, care, and abandon. 
Our funds are inexhaustible. There will be no such thing as a shortage of funds for anyone, any project, anything.
Your so-called Wealth Managers will not be investing your money in securities, metals, or commodities. Managing you wealth means finding effective and efficient means of DISTRIBUTING your wealth for the good of people and the planet. So relieve yourselves of that concern as well. I am a former investment professional and will be doing none of that.
Get exchanged today. Period. There will plenty of time and lots of help from the institutions and among ourselves for how to go about serving effectively. Don’t create burdens out of freedoms. Give yourselves time. Be gentle with others. You do not have to “figure things out” yourself. No one expects you to manage money or figure out how to distribute it all by yourself. 
Be in peace and be in joy. Milk the moment for all you can. Relax. Rest. Recover. Rejuvenate. Celebrate!
We’ll meet again for the next phase.

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