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Post Info TOPIC: TANK — “Kre8ors Breakthrough Call”— December 17, 2017, 4 pm EST (Part 1)


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TANK — “Kre8ors Breakthrough Call”— December 17, 2017, 4 pm EST (Part 1)

TANK — “Kre8ors Breakthrough Call”— December 17, 2017, 4 pm EST
Loose transcription by Muna Hakim
Edited and formatted by FXStrategist for ease of reading
Phone: 712-775-7039 #930685
Free Conference Call: 
LINKS for MedBeds
(Edited and formatted by FXStrategist)
MODERATOR: Greetings everyone and thanks for being on the call.
DISCLAIMER: This is an educational call only, we advise all to receive their own legal advice if needed.
MERILEE: Thank you for inviting me. This is such an honor to be here with you.
TANK: We want to bring everything together today. It is a very important time, and I want us to get to the next step in the New Age as much as possible, as a one body, one mind. This is what we are going to launch on the call today.
I will give you first intel updates: We pushed this, we made a lot of noise. As a result, one of the things that we were able to do is to expose leaks in the intel community, e.g., we knew that they were set on Friday night to release the 800# then it didn't happen. Not sure why it didn't happen. We want to stop this roller coaster of emotions that we have had to go through. The important thing is that Wells Fargo were told that they will lose their charter if we don't go by Monday. Right now all countries are aligned and the intel is being coordinated from every country.
Many are redeeming overseas. We know that for a fact. We don't know if they are at banks or offsite locations. But there is no doubt that they many have had their bank appointments.
As far as us in the US, we will receive the 800# today.
What we also know is that the grey screens (funds belonging to the higher-level families, Admirals, &c) have been moved to the right place, and the green screens  (which is us, our money) are also set. The exchange centers are ready. They have a set time to roll out, which is imminent.
Liquidity started in the US @ 11:am EST am today. Since Thursday, morning the Admirals have had their core accounts funded. Now it is a matter of having the permission from US Treasury to release the funds to individuals.
As far as I know, nobody goes unless we all go together. No one is getting paid unless everyone has access, everyone has an opportunity to make our appointments.
It is amazing the secrecy and stealth that they have been able to maintain over the many years to keep everyone safe.
We all heard that there will be disclosure. In our mind we thought that there would be a huge grey object with Barack Obama standing in front it , giving a speech. In reality, we already saw on the Main Stream Media news and videos about NASA programs identifying alien vessels in the skies. They are no longer trying to keep it a secret.
Also, the methods that Mr. Rand discussed to re-atomize limbs: I posted a video on Twitter (see link above) showing how the technology works to make a gentleman (who had lost his arm in battle) whole again. He had his hand all blown up. The narrator is the gentleman himself so there is no question about authenticity.
New technologies are being released, we are getting disclosure.
Our goal was to align ourselves with the higher energies and it worked. We have the right people flying into the right places and countries in order to synchronize the payment. This movement has been very tactical, and very precise. I can tell you that it is in direct alignment with Divine Purpose.
Merilee, can you talk about the energy we are creating with this movement?
MERILEE: Thank you, Tank. You cannot serve both love and money. As long as we keep thinking that our value is in the money, then we are not honoring love.
We need to move away from saying: "I'm broke, I'm broke." We need to let our hearts be and say this is what I want for me and for humanity. I can't wait until I have trillions. I have to give 2 out of the 5 cents that I have.
It is important that we get out of the illusion, to see differently and feel differently. We have to raise our vibration so that everything will be hydrated, even ourselves will be hydrated, our dreams will be hydrated.
No man is going to tell me what I have. I have everything I need to give everything I can. I know who I am, I set myself to have all that I have.
Today, your energy is your currency, you need to be like children and believe without worry.
TANK: Thank you, Merilee. I promise you that i am going to make what she said be practical. There's depth to what Merilee said.

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