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Post Info TOPIC: TANK — “Kre8ors Breakthrough Call”— December 17, 2017, 4 pm EST (Part 2)


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TANK — “Kre8ors Breakthrough Call”— December 17, 2017, 4 pm EST (Part 2)

TANK — “Kre8ors Breakthrough Call”— December 17, 2017, 4 pm EST (Part 2)

As for the questions that I have received:
QUESTION: People are asking about the rules of exchange. I can tell you this;: the Zim, of course, is obviously higher in value. There are going to be private exchanges. You will go in  they will give you an offer, you can counteract with whatever value you are comfortable with. The published rate will be be $15.00 and you can go higher to $150.00 or any amount depending on whether your projects can justify that amount.
I personally think they will ask everyone with Zim to sign an NDA because of the huge amount of money that it is.
QUESTION: People are concerned how this money will hit the system. It will NOT hit the system
Your account at the bank will be kept off ledger. Your account will be kept by the US Treasury or AIIB, in a version of your own collateral account with your funds.
QUESTION regarding diplomatic status: In all likelihood you will have diplomatic status so that you can have transactions go through easily because YOU are the bank. The transactions begins and ends with YOU. This is the beauty of the new banking system.
QUESTION about ZIM gifts to people: for people that you gifted, they will get a smaller offer because they hadn't prepared themselves mentally or spiritually for trillions of dollar. The bank will offer them what is best for them so that they are happy and don't bring harm to themselves or their loved ones. E.g.: I will give a lot people money and they will be happy, this way I am being considerate of their situations
QUESTION about contact to call if there are concerns during the appointment: Here is a good rule to remember. Embrace the voice of a teacher. Ask them to repeat to you so that you understand exactly what they are saying, then repeat it back to them. It will help you with clarity regarding the information.
QUESTION about how to redeem indifferent countries: I will notify when I get that information, whatever parameters are allowed, I will publish
We are at the end, we are finally HERE in this moment. I want you to feel that energy. IT IS HERE.
QUESTION: Here is a guy who is mocking us, says he is HUMANITARIAN and that his priorities are to focus on humanitarian projects, prosperity packages, &c. after he redeems his Zim, Yet, he is in the house of Lords in England. He already had his opportunity many times over to help with humanitarian projects. He shouldn't be waiting for the ZIM. He made a nasty comment mocking about your monies. He is wrong: the ZIM will be exchanged here in the US and everywhere else in the world. Don’t let anyone cause you to doubt.
The ZIM is also the bond that will back all the banks of the world. This is not about us about being greedy or shallow. People have been attacking us : they make us feel that we should STOP because we are all about money. I am about money because why? Because that is the tool that the cabal used to enslave me, the tool that i must use to feed my children.he purpose of the [virtually unlimited] money is to unlock the chains to our freedom. Don't let anyone guilt you. The cabal will try to brainwash us. Guilt is an emotion that is absolutely useless. I ask you to let go of any kind of guilt.
If you still think that this is all about money, then shame on you. It means that you have not been listening. I would like you guys to understand the reasons that we launched this SPEAK project. Every part of this very tactical.
Yes, I went rogue, and I was given instructions by higher-ups to help people see that the intel is confusing, that the cabal used the intel as a tool to divide us and keep us weak, keep us waiting, and keep our emotions frayed. Betty soccer mom in Idaho manages to get top intel information, and they tell her not to tell anyone. Shhhhh . So she only calls her best friend, mixes up what she is saying, modifies it a bit, blah blah blah. Pretty soon it is a rumor with contradictions. It creates frustration.


I also would like to comment on the intel providers, the leaders: you don't build a house on the beach because it is low tide. They turn this intel reporting into a profession, a career. It keeps the news alive. The RV has been trying to come in for years, and what we are doing here is creating an energy that will attract the RV as opposed to keep that RV news ball bouncing up in the air. So, as far as I am concerned, I am sharing EVERYTHING, no secretes, because I WANT YOU TO KNOW WHAT I KNOW. I was directed to do this by the highest source. It serves the greater purpose.
So, like I said, I went rogue. Then I made sure that I vocalized all the anger and helped you express yours. Project SPEAK did not create a negative energy: remember that you are not a victim. You are made in the image of the Creator, you have the power right now to do something. It was intentional to get people mad. I admit, I have insulted some people. I'd rather have people be insulted and remember what Ii said, rather than be nice and they forget what I said. We have been effective. We are embracing and creating an energetic message to the Universe and the Universe is responding accordingly. Everyone has spent time in their consciousness knowing what they want to accomplish, what they want to do. With the SPEAK project, we also wanted people to have a place to show what they wanted to do. we are causing a major change by calling the banks and expressing our opinions. Of course, we could easily disrupt the course of business in the banks, but that is not the goal. The goal is to be heard. And we were heard. The next step for SPEAK was to launch Twitter. Now we are honing our message, our message is not so much that we are mad, but a declaration of who we are: the sovereign free people of earth. With our Twitter messages going viral we are putting a digital signature into the ether, over and over and over.
A baby learns 100 times faster than you and me. A baby has no regrets from the past and no expectations for the future. The baby exists right now in this moment. When he is hungry, [a feeding] manifests by crying. The mother lactates, preparing the food that the baby needs at the exact time. How is the baby that powerful? Because the baby doesn't know that he can't do it. Maybe we think, “That's ridiculous, I can't do that." Let the past failures go. Don't worry about the future either. Put yourself in this exact moment, the feeling, the relief, of having your life and your abundance. Know that you have none of the worries. All that is being taken care of. That has already been accomplished for you so that you can thrive, so you can go forward and be exactly what you want to be.
Know that you literally have no debt. Your family are not talking about your ZIM anymore. They are enjoying the amazing life you provide. There is nothing hanging over your head, nothing that you have to do, nothing behind you that is haunting you, everything is taken care of. In one moment you might see a commercial about an exotic place, and in another moment you can go there. Or maybe you hear the horrible news about a cabal causing atrocities in Haiti, or stealing their relief money, and with a phone call you can make it up to Haiti. You don't' ever have to worry about your health and stress. There is already technology that is out there, the med bed shows when people lose their arms, the med bed creates a hologram of the arm, and then literally re-atomizes your arm.
Think about this: I saw a video today and in the human cells there is as much energy as the there is in lightning. This is fact, the same electromagnetic energy in lighting is in you many trillion times over. So why would it be so hard to manifest our redemption today? Imagine why are we in this state and that we have that kind of power. The reason we don't right now is because we don't think it is possible. This moment is the moment when you can change everything TODAY. There is spiritual intelligence that you have, a consciousness that tells you that I am being truthful with you.
Do you know how to manifest? You tap into the emotional peace and love, emotional freedom, give yourself permission to know that it is more real than your sadness, your stress, your worry. Fear is a tool that feeds those that want us to be weak. We can focus our collective energy and realize that EVERYTHING is working toward your good.
[Consider] when an artist draws on a white peace of paper using black charcoal. The charcoal creates pockets of darkness to give the illusion of 3D and the white paper is also providing illusion of 3D. If you focus on only one dark spot you can't see the whole picture. But if you just come back off the page and get some perspective, you see the bigger picture. You have the ability to step back and see how the whole relates to each other. This ability to see the whole makes you the most powerful entity on the planet.
So all of the world's events have moved in order in such a way to put this abundance in our hands right NOW. The tax bill has already passed, even though they tell you it will pass next week. It is done, signed. all set, done. Know that everybody, every one of us, is going to redeem at the same time when the core is liquid. They can't hold back. The Universe does not work on cause and effect. It works according to your will. You can tell by the way you are dressed, your style, your problem with your spouse, your kids, your self, are all your own creation. You have already created your world.
What I want is that we agree that this is real: within you is the power to change the world and you can do it instantaneously. I want us all to agree to spend some time, seconds, minutes, hours just focusing. Put your whole heart into it too. Just focus on the feeling you have when you finally feel free to create the world that you want. You all have the power to do it. I feel it right now. I am vibrating, I’ve got goose bumps just thinking about the magnificence of what I dream about for my kids and the woman I love. But I can't leave until we all leave.
MERILEE: Together we can burn so bright, we are learning that we are the light. Remember that and shine brighter. All you have to do is to change your own world, not someone else's. Whoever comes into my path, I will show love respect and gratitude.


MERILEE: Who of us has had the experience of what to do with trillions of dollars? We don't have the experience. All we have is a heart that is pumping. I know that we represent the light, so if anything doesn't feel good, I say I am love and light. I say to fear and darkness, who are you? What power to do you have over me? Darkness is a coward. Don't be subject to this stupid illusion anymore. I have all that I need to give that all that I have today. This is so powerful.
TANK: We spend all this time sending messages as prayer. Prayer is communication with the Creator. We constantly send the message of “I need, I need. I need.”
I have been talking about the Divine Feminine energy that is permeating the planet. Remember that it is a principle, male and female, not body parts. There a woman and she is cloaked in the sun and she is pregnant with child. She is symbolic of the feminine attributes of God, and in the woman is the child which is symbolic of the Messiah. I am in the father and the father is in me. We are going back to a matriarchal society. There is this power, there is an amazing nurturing cooperative beauty that emanates naturally from these qualities of women. They are not looking for wars. They are trying to see what it is that person needs and soften them up. That quality, that energy. We should demonstrate feminine love and kindness, patience all the time.
I took a vow of poverty during this time so that my message cannot be compromised. I am never afraid of lack. There will be more money. It is just energy. We can manifest more. Hopefully we agree, as a people, that this is who we are in this age going forward. I’m not mad. I am waging peace. I am trying to get us on the same page. If we can do that, there's s nothing we can’t accomplish. Nothing else matters. All your worries and concerns. Today you have everything you need to get everything you have. I want you to focus on the peaceful feeling.
MERILEE: Thank you for all the beautiful words. I invite you to take our hands. Our energy is to make it through this darkness, make the most high your dwelling, make love your priority. Every moment you will have a test, its just a test. Exercise tolerance, forgiveness, patience. Be love and light.
Thank you.
QUESTION: I have gifted non-ZIM to people. Can’t they go to a redemption center rather than a bank? 
ANSWER: Yes, anything can be a redemption center. Big redemption centers were dummy locations to catch cabal. In all liklihood, most redemption centers are going to be private. For example, Bank of America built 1400 locations, then they closed them up. Could these be redemption centers? Who knows?
QUESTION: When we go to the exchange, if there is miscommunication or something we are not happy about, who do we contact?
ANSWER: Learn this principle: teaching back. Ask them to repeat to you and you repeat to them what they said, in order to get a commitment in words, before you go out the world. Have a list of your points of contact, a private banker. Contact people, 3 names from the bank.


QUESTION: What is the playback number?
ANSWER: Playback number will be 712-775-7039 use participant code 930685# and will get you into the playback.
QUESTION: If I purchased ZIM and I want to give my brother 100 trillion, can I do that? 
QUESTION: How to contact Merilee to thank her?
ANSWER: Facebeook or WhatsApp or SPEAK group or Merilee show.
QUESTION: NDA: if we sign that how do I tell family?
ANSWER: You will have a family office who will handle everything for you. They will tell you, equip you, surround you with the people that you need. A really easy way to give is set up a sub-trust. You don't have to explain anything. Nothing.
QUESTION: What if I don't want to use Wells Fargo?
ANSWER: You can use any bank, you are sovereign entity, even Wells Fargo will treat you right.
QUESTION: I am concerned about the clawback.
ANSWER: Actually, if you look at the constitutional laws from last year, the clawback is now designed to go against the banks. it is an anti-clawback law, so nothing to worry about.
QUESTION: Med beds? Where can I find reference?
ANSWER: [See links above.] They are already producing them
QUESTION: If your spouse does not believe or have anything to do with it? Should he go to the appointment with me?
ANSWER: No. He is not ready for it. Don't take him with you.
Love and Light, Tank and Merilee
[Some grammatical and syntax liberties taken in transcription. ~Muna Hakim]

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